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The Electric Beach Chelsea Faqs

People used to believe that sunburn was just an inevitable part of starting a tan – but we know how wrong that is.

Your body is designed to produce melanin cells in response to UV light on the skin and is your body’s natural way of building

up protection against sunburn.


Can I go on a sunbed and out in the sun on the same day?

This should be avoided as much as possible so as not to exceed the daily
dose of UV rays and therefore risk getting sunburn.

Can I go on a sunbed when pregnant?

We would advice you not to use a sunbed or sunbath as you may suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy and you may feel faint from the heat.

Can people with skin type 1 go on a sunbed?

People with skin type 1 are very sensitive to the sun and, according to dermatologists, they should not use sunbeds or

sunbathe at all.

What should be taken into account when using tanning lotions?

Only use lotions specifically made for use with sunbeds such as Australian Gold. Do not use SPF lotions (for sunbathing outside) when using a sunbed. Tanning pills or creams that have not been tested are not advisable, In case of doubt, seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

How long does the tan last?

It depends how well you moisturize your skin but normally up to a week

What should I do if I do get sunburn?

Mild sunburn is best left to wear off by itself. This means staying out of the sun for a few days, looking after your skin with moisturising products and drinking a lot of water. In the case of severe sunburn, see your doctor or seek advice from

your pharmacist.

How can I make my holiday tan last longer?

You can go on a sunbed once to twice a week. A few minutes of tanning are enough to maintain your holiday tan.

The recommended maximum number of sessions per year is 60.

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