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High Pressure Tanning At Electric Beach Chelsea

Longer sunbed sessions for clients who have time to relax on a comfortable mattress
while tanning

High pressure is a unique tanning experience offered by very few other tanning salons and many of our clients will use nothing else once they have experienced the relaxation of this 40 minute session.


  • Relaxing 40 minute session (client turns over after 20 minutes)
  • Most of the UVB is filtered out
  • Cooling fans with on/off control
  • Produces a longer lasting deeper tan
  • Tanning from bulbs in the canopy of the sunbed
  • Comfortable deep mattress for clients to lie on



The Electric Beach Chelsea Helionova Tanning



Please do not use any of our sunbeds if you are under 18 years of age, have a medical condition or for any reason do not feel 100% comfortable using indoor tanning equipment.
The Ergoline Sun Angel
gives you the worlds most advanced lay down tanning technology in Chelsea.
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