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Sun Angel Laydown Tanning at Electric Beach Chelsea

The most advance technology that analyses each client’s skin type prior to tanning.

The Sun Angel’s patented sensor system analyses the client’s skin before each session to ensure the maximum tanning

results individually tailored to suit the client’s skin tone


  • Tanning session is a fixed 20 minutes
  • Intelligently blends UVA/B for a lasting tan
  • Air-conditioned for the client’s comfort
  • Individual stereo connection to ipods and MP3 players
  • Facial bulbs with on/off control to suit individual client
  • Neck and shoulder tanning for a more even tan

The Electric Beach Chelsea Sun Angel Tanning


Please do not use any of our sunbeds if you are under 18 years of age, have a medical condition or for any reason do not feel 100% comfortable using indoor tanning equipment.
The Ergoline Sun Angel
gives you the worlds most advanced lay down tanning technology in Chelsea.
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